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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

15 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself!

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1. Stop Running From Your Problems;
2. Stop Lying To Yourself & Others;
3. Stop Letting The Fear Of Making A Mistake Stop You From Doing Something;
4. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others;
5. Stop Living For Something In The Future;
6. Stop Trying To Get People To Feel Sorry For You;
7. Stop Trying To Re-live/ Make Up For Your Past;
8. Stop Putting Things Off For The Eternal Tomorrow;
9. Stop Blaming Things Outside Of You;
10. Stop Letting The Past Define How You Think Of Others;
11. Stop Setting Expectations For Things Before They Happen;
12. Stop Looking For Someone Perfect;
13. Stop Trying To Be Someone That You Are Not;
14. Stop Beating Yourself Up;
15. Stop Just Reading & Start Doing!!!

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